Mérièm Anouti

Pr Mérièm Anouti

Mérièm Anouti is a full Professor in physical chemistry, electrochemistry and thermodynamic sciences in the laboratory "Physicochimie des matériaux et électrolytes pour l'énergie" (PCM2E) at François Rabelais University, Tours, France. Her research activities focus essentially on electrolytes for electrochemical energy storage (electrochemical capacitors, lithium-ion and sulfur batteries, and hybrid systems) with a particular emphasis on new Room temperature molten salt  (RTMS) as ionic liquids, Deep eutectic solvent and their mixtures. She also applies ionic liquids for nanomaterials synthesis and for the dissolution of gases. In all the applications, the properties of RTMS are correlated with their structure and interactions. Based on the use of ionic liquids, she formulates electrolytes for improving the lifetime of energy storage systems, especially by enhancing the voltage and the operating temperature range and by controlling the phenomena at the electrode/electrolyte interface.


Scientific Field: 
Materials and Energy sciences