October 6, 2016 : 16H00

Time and Space – The Social and Cultural Dimensions of Hydrogen in the Energy Transition

Hydrogen, as a clean energy vector, consuming and producing pure water as it stores and releases its power, has long held a place in visionary dreams of a clean energy future.  As these visions have been worked into programs and demonstration projects, different social scales have been targeted for their deployment—cities, regions, communities, community and regional networks and so on.  At the same time, different temporal dimensions based on traditions, habitual practices (past), needs, (present) and projections, expectations (future) and social rhythms (cyclical) have been invoked in the programs as well.   This presentation presents a review of the social research on the introduction of hydrogen from a perspective of the social and temporal dimensions envisioned.  It then compares the social and temporal scales of hydrogen initiatives in different regions in France and abroad.  


Pr David Koester, LE STUDIUM FELLOW 

FROM : University of Alaska Fairbanks

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