July 4, 2016 - July 6, 2016

Olive Bioactives: applications and prospects

Deadline for registration: 30/06/2016

The olive tree, closely connected to the Mediterranean region, has provided a variety of goods. Research on the olive has started early but was proven inexhaustible revealing a vast array of nutritional, health and cosmetic properties. The aim of this workshop is to present a holistic research strategy towards the multifaceted exploitation of the olive tree, including activities such as extraction, fractionation, isolation, analysis of olive tree products as well as investigation of processes related to olive industry and valorization of by-products. Moreover the biological profile and the therapeutic potential of olive extracts and compounds will be presented as well as their possible applications as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmetics agents. 


FROM University of Athens, School of Pharmacy, Laboratory of Pharmacognosy and Natural Products Chemistry, GR
IN RESIDENCE AT Institut de Chimie Organique et Analytique - ICOA UMR7311 - CNRS, Université d’Orléans

Pr Claire Elfakir
Institut de Chimie Organique et Analytique - ICOA UMR7311 - CNRS, Université d’Orléans


Olive Bioactives: applications and prospects


Day 1 – Monday 04/07/2016

Day 2 - Tuesday 05/07/2016

  • 08H30   Opening 
  • 09H00   Pr Vicente Lahera
    Beneficial effects of olive-derived terpenoids and polyphenols on cardiovascular, metabolic and neurodegenerative alterations.
  • 09H40   Dr Ioanna Andreadou 
    Investigating the use of Oleuropein as prophylactic and therapeutic treatment in cardiovascular diseases.
  • 10H20   Coffee break
  • 10H50   Dr Amal Kaddoumi 
    Neuroprotective effect of extra-virgin olive oil and its bioactive component oleocanthal in Alzheimer's disease
  • 11H30   Dr Ioannis Trougakos
    Beneficial effects of virgin olive‐oil extracts and olive‐oil‐derived natural compounds in mammalian cells and in vivo at Drosophila flies
  • 12H10   Thomas Rochette-Castel (CMER)
    H2020 funding opportunities 
  • 12H30   Lunch 
  • 14H00   Dr Günter Vollmer  
    Estrogen-like properties of polyphenols from olive oil
  • 14H40   Dr Manfred Spraul
    NMR, a platform for comprehensive screening of olive oil ingredients and properties
  • 15H20   Coffee break & poster session
  • 16H20   Dr Maria Halabalaki
    Olive bioactive compounds: Isolation, characterization and applications
  • 17H00   Dr Despina Tsipi
    Health Claims Related to Polyphenols in Olive 
  • 17H40   End of the day
  • 18H30   Guided visit of Orléans
  • 19H30   Gala dinner au Lift

Day 3 - Wednesday 06/07/2016

  • 08H30   Opening
  • 09H00   Dr Sandrine Perino & Pr Farid Chemat
    Vegetables oils as alternative solvents for green extraction of natural products
  • 09H40   Dr Zohar Kerem   
    Valorization of Olive Mill Wastes
  • 10H20   Coffee break
  • 10H50   Pr Liliane Berti
    Using lipoxygenase pathway enzymes for the biotechnological production of compounds with aromatic properties
  • 11H30   Dr David Da Silva 
    Analysis of Olive bioactive compounds using HPTLC@MALDI-TOFMS
  • 12H00   Discussion and conclusion
  • 12H30   Lunch bag
  • 14H00   Departure to LVMH
  • 14H30   Visit of LVMH (Helios)



LE STUDIUM conferences take place in the Loire Valley, in the city center of Orléans, France. The conference venue is unique: the LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies is located in a recently renovated 17th century building next to the Gothic Cathedral. Participants will be welcomed in an exceptional surrounding, blending Middle Age and Renaissance cultures with modern design. Convenors and organisers offer a quality programme with an outstanding group of experts. The conference offers the opportunity to discover regional research facilities, patrimony and gastronomy.

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