April 17, 2015

Entanglement, Holography and Geometry

The workshop will focus on the important role played by the quantum  entanglement in  fundamental physics and the applications to geometry. In recent years  entanglement entropy has been  shown to be instrumental in many fields of  physics from quantum  computers to black holes. We plan to discuss  recent progress and  outline  possible directions for the future. One particular goal for the workshop is to exchange views on the role of mathematics in the existing and  developing theories in physics.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Pr Gary Gibbons, University of Cambridge, UK, LE STUDIUM RESEARCH PROFESSOR at LMPT
  • Pr Michael Atiyah, The Edinburgh University, Scotland, UK
  • Pr Erik Verlinde,  Amsterdam University, NL   
  • Pr Andre  Neves,  Imperial College, London, UK
  • Pr Michael Duff, Imperial College, London, UK
  • Pr Michael Smolkin, Berkeley University, San-Francisco CA, USA
  • Pr Roberto Emparan, Barcelona University, SP
  • Pr Sergey Solodukhin, LMPT, Université François Rabelais Tours, FR
  • Pr. Juerg Froehlich   (ETH Zurich & IHES)

A return shuttle will be organised for participants from Tours. Departure at 7h45 from Tours Central Train station.
Lunch is organised in Orleans.


To come (but it'll be from 9:30am to 6:00pm)

Presentations :

  • M. Atiyah: Big ideas of Einstein and Dirac
  • M. Duff: Gravity as the square of Yang-Mills
  • R.Emparan: Black holes in the 1/D expansion
  • M. Smolkin: Probing c-theorems with entanglement entropy"
  • S. Solodukhin: Entanglement entropy and geometry
  • J. Froehlich: Information Loss and Entanglement in Quantum Theory
  • G.W. Gibbons: Introductory Overview
  • Andre Neves: Min-max methods in Geometry
    "I will explain how min-max methods can be used to answer three open questions in Geometry: The Willmore Conjecture, the Freedman-He-Wang conjecture on Energy of links, and Yau conjecture on minimal surfaces. This is joint work with Fernando Marques."

Entanglement, Holography and Geometry

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