July 4, 2019 : 16H00

Chiral matter: from quarks to quantum computers

Chirality is a ubiquitous concept in modern science, from particle physics to biology.

In quantum physics, chirality has a dramatic effect on the macroscopic behavior of fluids with chiral fermions. 

In particular, the imbalance between left- and right-handed  fermions in the presence of magnetic field induces the non-dissipative transport of electric charge ("the Chiral Magnetic Effect"). Recently, the Chiral Magnetic Effect has been discovered in ZrTe5 and other materials possessing chiral quasi-particles.

This observation may open a path towards a new generation of quantum computers.


LE STUDIUM Research Professor

Prof. Dmitri Kharzeev

FROM: Department of Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook University - US

IN RESIDENCE AT: Institut Denis Poisson, UMR 7013 / University of Orléans, University of Tours, CNRS - FR

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