April 5, 2018 : 16H00

Role of functional nanomaterials for energy harvesting. Future energy systems, challenges and opportunities

Multi-functional nanomaterials are the key components to produce sustainable microelectronic devices to harvest and store energy. In order to obtain high performance and to get effective functionality from microelectronic devices, following key factors should be carefully considered: i) selection of materials, ii) appropriate synthesis of the materials and integration of such materials in electronic systems, iii) characterization of optical, electrical, magnetic and electrical properties of such materials as well as the electronic device itself via enhanced spectroscopic and microscopic techniques. In this presentation, the applications of functional nanomaterials for energy harvesting and energy storage will be discussed for a broader audience. Examples of energy materials which are used for piezoelectric nanogenerators, electrical vehicle batteries, supercapacitors and solar cells will be given.


Pr Emre Erdem


FROM : University of Freiburg - Institute of Physical Chemistry - DE

IN RESIDENCE AT: Research Group for Materials, Microelectronics, Acoustics and Nanotechnologies (GREMAN) / CNRS, INSA CVL, University of Tours - FR

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