March 11, 2020 - March 13, 2020

Raman spectroscopy in cosmetic sciences : From quality control to in vivo objectivation

2nd meeting



The Raman consortium gathers international experts in the field of Raman spectroscopy from academia or industry. 
Raman spectroscopy is accessible under bench top instruments with demonstrated spatial and spectral resolution enabling to collect subtle information of the molecular composition and organization of cells and tissues. Moreover, following developments achieved in recent years, numerous experimental challenges associated with the measurement of chemical and physical inhomogeneity can be surmounted, further strengthening the Raman capability for skin analysis. Its potential for dermatological application has been demonstrated, whereby the spectral information can be used to assess the chemical integrity of the skin, the hydration state, oxidative stress and the ability to individually track various ingredients of a formulation. It has also been widely used for monitoring active molecules in the skin. It can provide valuable information on the lateral distribution, kinetics, rate and depth of penetration of these molecules in skin layers without the use of probe molecules. The improvements made in the data handling procedures through the implementation of multivariate analysis has considerably increased the relevancy of the information contained in the spectral data. The capabilities offered by Raman spectroscopy extend beyond thin skin section imaging and can be also applied for other type for samples such as hair and nail. The technique is label free, non-destructive and can be operated in confocal conditions giving access to non-invasive measurements. While Raman spectroscopy can be employed as tool for process monitoring, quality control of cosmetic products or detection of adulteration/counterfeits, the main leap forward in recent years remains transferability towards in vivo applications. Thanks to dedicated systems molecular dynamics of the skin can be investigated directly on volunteers for objectivation of cosmetic products or into clinics for diagnosis purposes.

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