October 23, 2017 - October 24, 2017

Acoustic bubbles in therapy: recent advances with medical microbubbles, clouds and harmonic antibubbles

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LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies and Inserm Research unit U930: Imaging and Brain at François Rabelais University of Tours are organising an international conference on acoustic bubbles in therapy.

Although the use of microbubbles has become common in ultrasound diagnostics, they are not that often seen in therapeutic applications. This conference focusses on recent advances in the development and application of microbubbles in therapy.

Plenary sessions include the following topics: bubble physics, bubble physical phenomena, bubble engineering and design, in-vitro evaluation, preclinical validations, and clinical studies.


  • Pr Michiel Postema, LE STUDIUM / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow
    FROM University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg - ZA
    IN RESIDENCE AT Imagerie et Cerveau (Imaging and Brain) - UMR Inserm U930 - University François-Rabelais of Tours - FR
  • Dr Ayache Bouakaz
    Imagerie et Cerveau (Imaging and Brain) - UMR Inserm U930 - University François-Rabelais of Tours - FR

Thank you for having visited the conference!

The submission portal for our special issue in Applied Acoustics (impact factor 2.3) “Acoustic in therapy” is now open at EVISE APAC. We would like to invite the presenters to submit your proceeding for peer-review to be published in this special issue. Manuscript formats can be found online.

Please note that we do accept theoretical contributions, if ampel reference is made to (historic) experiments for comparison of outcomes.

It is important that authors select the name of the special issue when they upload their manuscripts: “VSI:Acoustic in therapy”, so that your paper is assigned to the correct editor.

The submission deadline is set to 1st December, 2017. Please contact Michiel Postema at michiel.postema@rub.de if you cannot make this deadline, but would like to submit a paper nevertheless.


Acoustic bubbles in therapy: recent advances with medical microbubbles, clouds and harmonic antibubbles

Key topics

Microbubbles, ultrasound contrast agents, bubbles clouds, antibubbles, sonoporation, ultrasound-guided drug delivery, microfluidics.

Confirmed speakers

  • Pr Alexandre Carpentier, Paris VI Sorbonne University - FR
  • Pr Steven Freear, University of Leeds - UK
  • Pr Pintong Huang, Zhejiang University School of Medicine - CN
  • Pr Eitan Kimmel, Technion - IL
  • Dr Spiros Kotopoulis, Haukeland University Hospital - NO
  • Pr Nobuki Kudo, Hokkaido University - JP
  • Pr Frédéric Patat, University François-Rabelais of Tours - FR
  • Pr Albert Poortinga, Eindhoven University of Technology- NL
  • Dr Paul Prentice, University of Glasgow, UK
  • Dr Annemieke Van Wamel, Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NO

Conference PROGRAM

Monday October 23th 2017

  • 08h30    Welcome coffee & registration

  • 09h00    Introduction

Session 1 : Sonochemotherapy

Chairmen : Pr Michiel Postema & Dr Annemieke Van Wamel

  • 09h20    Pr Pintong Huang - Antitumor efficacy of ultrasonic cavitation with a drug loaded microbubbles targeting tumor angiogenesis in a fluorescent human colon cancer mouse model

  • 09h40    Dr Jean-Michel Escoffre - Delivery of cetuximab to colorectal cancer using microbubble-assisted ultrasound

  • 10h00    Dr Diane Bressand - In vitro and in vivo evaluation of delivery of Nab-Paclitaxel in pancreatic

    tumors with sonoporation

  • 10h20    Dr Spiros Kotopoulis - Low-intensity sonoporation from lab to patient bedside: What do we know and where do we go from here?

  • 10h40    Coffee break & demo Precision Accoustics

Session 2 : Bubble imaging

Chairmen : Dr Paul Prentice & Pr Steven Wrenn

  • 11h20    Pr Steven Freear - Ultrafast Plane-wave Imaging for Nonlinear Detection of Therapeutic Microbubbles
  • 11h40    Pr Katrien Vanderperren - Contrast-enhanced ultrasound of the kidneys in hyperthyroid cats
  • 12h00    Dr Erik Verboven - Ultrasound based dosimetry for radiotherapy: in-vitro and in-vivo proof of principle
  • 12h20    Lunch

Session 3 : Acoustic cluster therapy

Chairmen : Pr Katrien Vanderperren & Pr Steven Freear

  • 14h00    Dr Per Sontum - Acoustic Cluster Therapy – A Novel Approach for Ultrasound Mediated Targeted Drug Delivery: Technology Basics and Proof of Concept
  • 14h20    Dr Annemieke Van Wamel - Acoustic cluster therapy boosts delivery of drugs in brains and tumors
  • 14h40    Dr Paul Prentice - Shocking bubbles: cavitation in focused ultrasound
  • 15h00    Pr Nobuki Kudo - High-speed observation system designed for elucidating mechanisms of sonoporation
  • 15h20    Coffee break

Session 4 : New insights in therapeutic bubbles

Chairmen : Dr Benoit Larrat & Pr Albert Poortinga

  • 16h00    Pr Eitan Kimmel - Acoustics in Medicine in view of the intramembrane cavitation model
  • 16h20    Vincent Hingot - Subwavelength far-field ultrasound targeted drug-delivery
  • 16h40    Dr Bjoern Gerold - Controlling cavitation in focused ultrasound surgery: efficiency and safety


  • 18h30    Public Lecture in French, Pr Frédéric Patat - Détecter, voir et soigner : des ultrasons aux multiples facettes
  • 20h00    Social Dinner at Le Mastroquet

Tuesday October 24th 2017

  • 08h30    Welcome coffee & registration

Session 5 : Bubbles, antibubbles, droplets

Chairmen : Dr Christine Contino-Pépin & Dr Charles Sennoga

  • 09:00    Pr Albert Poortinga - Antibubbles: a new kind of acoustic bubble
  • 09:20    Pr Steven Wrenn - Voltage-Activated Ultrasound Contrast Agent for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
  • 09:40    Dr Stéphane Desgranges - Stable formulations of perfluorocarbon droplets for tumor detection and treatment
  • 10:00    Dr Sigrid Berg - Nanoparticle-stabilized microbubbles and ultrasound for enhanced drug delivery
  • 10:20    Coffee break & demo Precision Accoustics

Session 6 : BBB

Chairmen : Pr Pintong Huang & Dr Jean-Michel Escoffre

  • 11:00    Pr Alexandre Carpentier - low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPU) to disrupt the blood-brain barrier (BBB) followed by intravenous carboplatin chemotherapy in patients with recurrent brain tumors
  • 11:20    Dr Benoit Larrat - MRI guided ultrasound-mediated blood-brain barrier opening in non-human primates using passive cavitation detection feedback control
  • 11:40    Dr Barbara Cerroni - Targeting Tumour Brain Vasculature with RGD decorated Microbubbles
  • 12:00    Lunch
  • 14:00    CMER (Cellule Mutualisée Europe Recherche) Presentation of funding opportunities in the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme
  • 14:20    Posters session

Session 7 : Bubble dynamics

Chairmen : Pr Nobuki Kudo & Pr Eitan Kimmel

  • 15:00    Dr Alexander Doinikov - Dynamics of bubbles in a confined space
  • 15:20    Kristoffer Johansen - A comparison of single-bubble and cloud models for non-stable cavitation and the emissions generated
  • 15:40    Dr Mounir Tarek - Generation and outcome of reactive oxygen species produced by ultrasound stimulated micro-bubbles: Unraveling a potential mechanism of sonoporation using Molecular Simulations
  • 16:00    Dr Claude Inserra - Nonspherical oscillations of gas microbubbles: threshold, dynamics and nonlinearity
  • 16:20    Conclusion


Private institution 250 EUR
Public institution 180 EUR
Students & PhD Scholars 75 EUR
Social dinner 60 EUR

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