In 2022, LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies has celebrated its 25th anniversary of activity serving scientific research for academic, institutional and private partners. The organisation has 25 years of experience in developing activities to support research and innovation in Centre-Val de Loire region. Each year, Le Studium welcomes about 20 experienced senior international researchers –across all disciplines- for a long stay in a regional laboratory in order to implement an innovating project. These researchers are selected in the framework of competitive call for applications assessed by independent international experts, and they bring to the region new skills and collaboration perspectives. 

During their time in the region, LE STUDIUM RESEARCH FELLOWS are asked to take an active role in the LE STUDIUM THURSDAYS and to contribute to plan for a LE STUDIUM LECTURE.

As part of its mission to contribute to build human capital in the region, Le Studium in partnership with the universities of Orléans and Tours, has committed to invite the Centre-Val de Loire PhD students to attend these events, offering them the opportunity to widen their knowledge and to validate a cross-disciplinary module.


The LE STUDIUM THURSDAYS are monthly interdisciplinary scientific seminars. During each of them, one or two LE STUDIUM RESEARCH FELLOWS in residence in the region presents a topic related to his/her research field. The scientific presentation is introduced by the host scientist and/or a laboratory representative who gives some contextual elements and presents the laboratory, the different research teams and projects. The presentations give rise to very open discussions between researchers who work in very different fields. These events finish with a cocktail during which participants share ideas and get to know each other better. The goal is that these transdisciplinary exchanges arouse creativity and develop in the manner of a think tank concept.

Every first Thursday of each month (except in August- namely 11 events per year), LE STUDIUM THURSDAYS gather:

  • The LE STUDIUM RESEARCH FELLOWS in residence in Région Centre-Val de Loire (Smart Loire Valley General Program and ARD2020 Programmes)
  • Their host scientists in the region
  • Their guests, usually international researchers who collaborate with them
  • PHD or master students who work in their laboratory
  • Invited local people

An electronic RSVP invitation is disseminated to all LE STUDIUM RESEARCH FELLOWS, research laboratories and university doctoral schools in order to manage upfront events’ logistics. Registration is mandatory.

These meetings gather around 30 people per session. 


The LE STUDIUM LECTURES are public presentations aiming at spreading the scientific knowledge. In the framework of international conferences, LE STUDIUM RESEARCH FELLOWS and their host laboratories plan for and organize a LE STUDIUM LECTURE highlighting a specific scientific topic. A scientific personality gives the lecture and answers questions. The presentation in French takes place in the early evening from 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm (a one-hour presentation followed by an exchange time).

Registration for PhD Students is mandatory.

A dozen of LECTURES is organized each year, in Orléans or Tours.   

OFFER: The LE STUDIUM THURSDAYS & LE STUDIUM LECTURES on the program of the Orléans-Tours Doctoral Schools

These events take place in Orléans or in Tours, depending on the location of the host laboratory of the LE STUDIUM RESEARCH FELLOW or the place of the international conference they fit into. At least 20 events will be offered to PhD students each year. 

These events are an opportunity for participants to widen their scientific knowledge.

The topics are varied: human and social sciences, health and life sciences, earth sciences, ecology and environment, computer sciences, mathematics and physics, material and energy sciences.

The speakers introduce popular topics nevertheless at a scientific high-level, enabling people to understand, whatever the level or appetence.

The presentations are instructive and introductions made by the laboratory representatives offer a wide range of research structures and projects in the region.

Speakers and participants of the LE STUDIUM THURSDAYS speak English, those of the LE STUDIUM LECTURES speak French.

The speaking time in the end of events unfolds informally. PhD students can share ideas freely and ask questions spontaneously without any constraint. It is also an opportunity to go beyond common understanding, to grasp the evolutions of the society which are often implicit in the presentations and topics approached by researchers.

Cocktails which are offered after the LE STUDIUM THURSDAYS presentations consist in very good opportunities to build contacts and train the sense of social and professional interaction.

The objectives of this transdisciplinary unit are:

  • to open up PHD students ‘mind to other research topics they are not familiar with – Transdisciplinarity
  • to integrate PHD students to an international community of experienced researchers – Internationalization of research
  • to contribute to human capital assembly in the region - Training

Le Studium opens both events to the Centre-Val de Loire region’s Doctoral Schools : PhD students may seize this opportunity to validate one of the transdisciplinary units they must follow during the 3 years of their PhD course.

How to participate?

The PhD student must confirm her/his participation by email to LE STUDIUM a few days before the event. Only registered participation will be taken into consideration.

  • In case of virtual meetings, she/he will receive the link of connexion. A presence sheet will be established by LE STUDIUM.
  • For classical meetings, participation of PhD students will be recorded through the maintenance of a presence sheet to be signed at the event’s entrance.
Presence sheets will be sent to Doctoral Schools secretariat after each session.

Moreover, within one week of the event, the PhD student will have to submit a 2-page English summary presenting the scientific content of the LE STUDIUM THURSDAY/LE STUDIUM LECTURE. This document should also reflect her/his personal analyze of the considered subject.

At least 5 participations to a LE STUDIUM event, 3 of them to a LE STUDIUM THURSDAY, are required to validate the transdisciplinary unit.

Please send your emails (registration/summary) to maurine.villiers@lestudium-ias.fr.

Calendar of events 2022 / 2023


Date Speaker Title Thematic Location
03/02/2022 Prof. Gordon Campbell The English Ornamental Hermit Human and Social sciences Virtual meeting
03/03/2022 Dr Franciska Vidáné Erdő (NMNS) / Dr Maria Soledad Leonardi (IRBI) Studying drug and cosmetic delivery accross the skin barrierThe ocean's "itch-hikers"  Life & Health Sciences UFR Sciences Pharmaceutiques - Amphi A30
Parc Grandmont 37200 TOURS
07/04/2022 Dr Francesca Fantappiè (CESR) / Prof. Maxwell Hincke (NRAe) ‘Les extravagances nécessaires’ : Exploring the Funding of Spectacle in Early Modern France / Innate Immunity at Biomineralized Barriers  Human and Social sciences / Life & Health Sciences Faculté de droit, Tours
05/05/2022 Prof. Juan César Vilardi & Dr Anne-Sophie Sergent (BioForA) Strategies to identify adaptive trait variation in forest tree populationsModelling tree drought vulnerability in the Andean Patagonian forest Earth, Ecology and Environmental sciences Hôtel Dupanloup, Orléans
06/10/2022 Dr Alberto Marzo (iBrain) / Dr David Crottès (N2C) A new era for medicine: the use of blood flow modelling for safer treatment of vascular diseaseFrom bioelectricity to personalized therapeutic strategies in cancers  Life & Health Sciences MSH Val de Loire, Tours
10/10/2022 Prof. Luke O'Dell (CEMHTI) / Dr Marcin Suskiewicz (CBM) Understanding sodium batteries at the molecular level using magnetic resonance spectroscopyProtein function and its regulation by post-translational modifications Materials and Energy sciences / Life & Health Sciences Hôtel Dupanloup, Orléans
01/12/2022 Prof. Alina Goncharova (IRJI) / Prof. Yun Hee Jang (GREMAN) Inheritance in the occupied territories and in the area of antiterrorism operation: the experience of UkraineMolecular Modeling of Stretchable Electronics (Hard-Cation-Soft-Anion Ionic Liquids for PEDOT:PSS Conductivity Enhancement) Human and Social sciences / Materials and Energy sciences Faculty of Law, Tours



Date Speaker Title Thematic Location
10/03/2022 Prof. Laurent Warlouzet (Sorbonne Université - FR)  Europe contre Europe. Entre liberté, solidarité et puissance Human & Social Sciences Hôtel Dupanloup, Orléans
21/09/2022 Prof. Christophe Vandier (Université de Tours - FR) Prévention des cancers par les lipides de l'alimentation : le rôle des canaux ioniques Life & Health Sciences Hôtel de Ville de Tours

Dr Jean-Michel Escoffre (Imagerie & Cerveau - FR)

& Prof. Damien Lacroix (Université de Sheffield - UK)

Innover aujourd'hui pour guérir demain : diagnostics et thérapies personnalisés Life & Health Sciences Hôtel de Ville de Tours