Soil Mapping for a Sustainable Future


Sessions 1 & 2: Country report and case studies


5 - An overview of the Consortium GLADSOILMAP supported by the LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for advanced research studies (France). Joining efforts between sub-national, national, continental and global scale digital soil mapping of soils, soil properties and soil functions

Dominique Arrouays, Anne C. Richer de Forges, Budiman Minasny, Laura Poggio, Zamir Libohova, Vera-Leatitia (Titia) Mulder, Pierre Roudier, Manuel P. Martin, Philippe Lagacherie, Guillaume Martelet, Pierre Nehlig, Hocine Bourennane


15 - A new semi-automatic data processing pipeline: from text recognition of soil legacy data to feeding the French national soil database DONESOL

Amine Chemchem, Rida Moumni, El-Bachir Rehhali, Paulo Pimenta, Lalla Aicha Sow, Yasmine Aït Ali Yahia, Sanae Mourabit, Maider Arregui, Tom Brunelle, Loïc Maisonnasse, Anne Richer-de-Forges, Antoine Olgiati, Jean-Philippe Chenu, Antoine Schellenberger, Sarah Morisset, Anne Fromage-Mariette, Philippe Lagacherie


23 - Comparing Global and European Soil Databases for Clay, Silt and Sand Contents

Mostafa Banitalebi Dehkordi, Dennis Fox​


24 - Geostatistics contribution in forensic science for the origin identification of soil traces

Amélie Devresse, Chantal de Fouquet, Xavier Freulon


31 - Comparison of soil information from different sources. Coherence, complementarities, interest of their joint use for digital soil mapping of topsoil texture. A pilot study on forest soils in the department of Loiret (France).

Alexandre Eymard, Anne C. Richer-de-Forges, Loïc Commagnac, Guillaume Martelet, Hélène Tissoux, Anne Bialkowski, Dominique Arrouays


34 - Leveraging legacy soil data for national DSM in a data-rich country: opportunities and obstacles in Austria

Stefan J. Forstner, David Kessler, Tobias Huber, Klaus Klebinder, Josef Gadermaier, Klaus Katzensteiner, Sigrid Schwarz, Andreas Baumgarten, Hans-Peter Haslmayer, Günther Aust, Ernst Leitgeb, Michael Englisch


58 - Predictive mapping of wetlands for mainland France using a machine learning procedure

Blandine Lemercier, Sébastien Rapinel, Léa Panhelleux, Laurence Hubert-Moy, Guillaume Gayet, Rachel Vanacker, Bertrand Laroche, François Chambaud, Joanie Catrin, Anis Guelmami


69 - University students contribute to innovations in pedometrics

V.L. (Titia) Mulder, Gerard B.M. Heuvelink


71 - Using homosoils for quantitative extrapolation of soil mapping models

Andree Nenkam Mentho, A. Wadoux, B. Misnany, A. McBratney, Pierre C.S. Traore, Gatien N. Falconier, A.M. Whitbread


98 - Regional scale mapping of topsoil carbon sequestration potential in Taiwan

Chien-Hui Syu, Bo-Jiun Yang, Hsin-Ju Yang, Tsang-Sen Liu, Yi-Ting Zhang, Horng-Yuh Guo


117 - National scale mapping of surface soil thickness in mountainous, upland, and hilly areas of Japan

Naoyuki Yamashita, Yasuhiro Ohnuki


118 - GloSIS: Global and National Soil Information Systems

Yusuf Yigini, Marcos Esteban Angelini, Isabel Luotto, Christian Omuto, Moritz Mainka, Ronald Vargas


121 - Predictive mapping of the Guerrara region’s soil landscapes (Northern Sahara, Algeria)

Abdelhakim Zidi, Mohammed Achab, Tewfik Mostephaoui, Brahim Djili, Baelhadj Hamdi-Aïssa

Session 3: Covariates & Remote Sensing 


9 - Lithological map of metropolitan France

Anne Bialkowski, Isabelle Bernachot, Hugues Bauer, Frédéric Chêne, Hélène Tissoux​


17 - Soil organic carbon prediction and mapping using Sentinel-2 multi-temporal imagery data over Greek croplands

João A. Coblinski, Jessica R. Rojas, Nikolaos Tsakiridis, Nikolaos Tziolas, George Zalidis


26 - Spectral monitoring of cattle slurry and digestate spreading on wheat crop at the field scale (Nouzilly, France)

Maxence Dodin, Florent Levavasseur, Antoine Savoie, Lucie Martin, Christophe Staub, Jean Foulon, Emmanuelle Vaudour


27 - Gamma-ray spectrometry to determine soil properties for soil mapping in precision agriculture

Jasper Dreyer, George van Zijl, Laurent Ameglio


32 - A decision-level fusion-based scenario for production of more accurate land crop maps

Solmaz Fathololoumi, Mohammad Karimi Firozjaei, Asim Biswas​


35 - Combining time-series of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 for soil organic carbon estimation and mapping. Application to agricultural soils of a catchment area in Brittany, France

Youssef Fouad, Didier Michot, Amaury Bardelle, Pascal Pichelin, Nicolas Baghdadi, Hayfa Zayani, Emmanuelle Vaudour


36 - Prediction of Soil Organic Carbon based on Sentinel-2 NDVI data in Sardinia, Italy

Antonio Frongia, Manca Daniele, Biggio Maria Luisa, Cocco Marco, Melis Massimo, Marrone Vittorio Alessandro, Puddu Rita, Fanni Stefania


82 - Integration of remote sensing soil organic carbon mapping using vegetation composites.

Laura Poggio, Giulio Genova, Luis de Sousa, Pablo d’ Angelo, Paul Karlshoefer, Peter Schwind, Uta Heiden


84 - The Theia "Digital Soil Mapping" Scientific Expertise Centre of France

 Anne C. Richer-de-Forges, Philippe Lagacherie, Dominique Arrouays, Anne Bialkowski, Hocine Bourennane, Xavier Briottet, Vincent Bustillo, Youssef Fouad, Cécile Gomez, Stéphane Jacquemoud, Blandine Lemercier, Philippe Maisongrande, Guillaume Martelet, Manuel P. Martin, Didier Michot, Pascal Pichelin, Nicolas P.A. Saby, Hélène Tissoux, Emmanuelle Vaudour, Alexandre M.J.-C. Wadoux, Christian Walter, Anne Puissant


88 - Data Repository of the Brazilian Soil: curating multi source data for spatio-temporal mapping of soil properties

 Alessandro Samuel-Rosa, Marcos Alexandre dos Anjos, Graziele Feltrin Dias Wendlin, Vitor Peruzzi de Almeida, Taciara Zborowski Horst


92 - Predicting total soil carbon change over time using Landsat-8 images in North Wyke Platform: Evidence from a twelve-year experiment.

Nélida E.Q. Silvero, Laudelino Motta Neto, Paul Harris, Marcelo Valadares Galdos


104 - Potential of using Sentinel-2 temporal mosaics over a 5-year period to map soil organic carbon (SOC) in Beauce, Northern France.

Diego Urbina-Salazar, Emmanuelle Vaudour, Anne C. Richer-de-Forges, Songchao Chen, Anne Bialkowski, Guillaume Martelet, Nicolas Baghdadi, Johanna Wetterlind, Dominique Arrouays


107 - Soil diversity as a co-variate in digital soil mapping (DSM)

Radim Vašát, Luboš, Borůvka, Oldřich Vacek, Vít Šrámek​


109 - Relevance of Sentinel-2 satellite images for monitoring manure and digestate spreadings on annual crops and grasslands over a farm (Nouzilly, France)

Emmanuelle Vaudour, Maxence Dodin, Antoine Savoie, Lucie Martin, Christophe Staub, Jean Foulon, Fayçal Bouraoui, Ioannis Trichakis, Florent Levavasseur


127 - Using CNN-LSTM deep learning model for enhancing predictive mapping of soil carbon with long time phenological information

Lei Zhang, Yanyan Cai, Lin Yang, Chenghu Zhou


Session 4: Sampling/Validation / uncertainty


83 - Can we evaluate the accuracy of digital soil maps for local prediction of particle size distribution with hand-feel soil textures observations?

Anne C. Richer-de-forges, Dominique Arrouays, Laura Poggio, Songchao Chen, Marine Lacoste, Budiman Minasny, Zamir Libohova, Pierre Roudier, Vera L. Mulder, Hervé Nédélec, Guillaume Martelet, Blandine Lemercier, Philippe Lagacherie, Hocine Bourennane


102 - Does increasing number of field observations necessarily improve the mapping of parent material?

Tünde Takáts, János Mészáros, Zsófia Adrienn Kovács, Gáspár Albert, László Pásztor


76 - Variable resolution pixels or how to get rid of uncertainty maps

José Padarian, Alex McBratney


114 - Evaluating the quality of soil legacy data used as input of Digital Soil Mapping models

Malithi Weerasekara, Philippe Lagacherie 


28 - Accounting for operational constraints when sampling for Digital Soil Mapping. A Middle-East dryland case study.

Maxime Dumont, Paul Tresson, Hassan Boukcim, Marc Ducousso, Stéphane Boivin, Olivier Taugourdeau, Guilhem Brunel


Session 5: Pedological knowledge and DSM


110 -  Shapley values reveal the drivers of soil organic carbon stocks variation

Alexandre M.J-C. Wadoux, Nicolas P.A. Saby, Manuel P. Martin


123 - Mapping soil organic carbon stock and soil pH in an alpine pasture (Andossi Plateau, Northern Italy)

Sara Agaba, Chiara Ferré, Gaia Mascetti, Roberto Fucella, davide Abuelkhair, Roberto Comolli


Session 6: Digital soil assesment if soil functions and services 


4 - Agricultural soil ecosystem services bundles definition through spatial analysis. A regional approach in Navarre (Spain).

Rodrigo Antón, Iñigo Virto, João Augusto Coblinski, Isabelle Cousin


16 - Predicting current and future surface soil pH in China under climate change

Qianqian Chen, Songchao Chen, Yongsheng Hong, Zhou Shi​


33 - Improving the annual crops mapping accuracy using feature level-based fusion of Surface biophysical properties

Solmaz Fathololoumi, Mohammad Karimi Firozjaei, Asim Biswas


42 - An approach to map nitrous oxide emission risk by soils at regional scale based on soil properties.

Agnès Grossel, Catherine Pasquier, Hocine Bourenanne, Isabelle Cousin, Ghislain Girot, Catherine Hénault


50 - Modelling the impact of agricultural management on soil carbon stocks and their mapping at the regional scale under tropical climate

Shih-Hao Jien, Jyu-Yuan Chen, Yung-Hsin Chiang​


51 - Assessment of digital soil mapping using causal machine learning

Nafiseh Kakhani, Ruhollah Taghizadeh-Mehrjardi, Ndiye M. Kebonye, Thomas Scholten


43 - Tillage erosion as a covariate for the organic carbon mapping in cropland over Denmark.

Sebastian Gutierrez, Anders B. Møller, Amélie Beucher, Goswin Heckrath, Mette B. Greve, Lis Jonge, Mogens H. Greve


74 - Using the 1:1 000 000 French Soil Geographical Database to assess relationships between soil ecosystem services on arable areas in France

Gregory Obiang Ndong, Olivier Therond, Isabelle Cousin


80 - Global soil functions modelling

Laura Poggio, Niels H. Batjes, Gerard B.M. Heuvelink, Bas Kempen, Andre Kooiman, David G. Rossiter, Rik van den Bosch


89 - Regolith Mapping of a catchment area to recommend the agricultural drains removal to combat the droughts of the SEICHE river : Analyse of the critical zone in hardrock aquifer.

Jean-Michel Schroëtter, Flora Lucassou, Guillaume Deray


101 - Application of machine learning techniques for soil erosion mapping on vineyards

Tünde Takáts, János Mészáros, Gáspár Albert, László Pásztor


86 - Mapping of soil-based ecosystem services, soil threats and their evolution in European arable lands – A systematic review

Jessica R. Rojas, João A. Coblinski, Chiara Piccini, Sophie Cornu, Nicolas Saby, Luboš Borůvka


119 - Soil mapping data for assessing soil security based on soil quality, erosion and production potential

Jung-Hwan Yoon, Hyucksoo Kim, Kyung Jae Lim, Sungchul Kim, Pasquale Borrelli, Panos Panagos, Jae E. Yang