Elise Boillet

Dr Elise Boillet

Élise Boillet is CNRS researcher at the CESR of Tours. Her field of research is Italian Renaissance
religious culture. She first dealt with lay authors actives in Venice in the years 1530s (she was awarded
the ‘Prix Marie-Louise Arconati-Visconti de la Chancellerie des Universités de Paris’ for her doctoral
thesis on the subject). She is the author of L’Arétin et la Bible (Genève, Droz, 2007) and the scientific editor
of Antonio Brucioli. Humanisme et évangélisme entre Réforme et Contre-Réforme (Paris, Champion,
2008). She is currently dealing with vernacular books on the psalms printed in XVIth century Italy. At the
CESR, she coordinates the multiplidiscinary activities connected with the theme ‘Profane and Sacred’.
She is also a coordinator of a Working Group within the COST Action IS1301 ‘New Communities of
Interpretation: Contexts, Strategies and Processes of Religious Transformation in Late Medieval and
Early Modern Europe’ (2013-2017).

Scientific Field: 
Human and Social Sciences