Raman spectroscopy in cosmetic sciences



The region Centre-Val de Loire Ambition for Research and Development 2020 (ARD 2020) COSMETOSCIENCES Programme is supported by LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies for the selection and recruitment of international experienced researchers.
In an international environment characterized by changing regulatory regimes and increasing harsh competition, research and innovation are key factors to ensure smart specialisation and sustainable economic development of territories and stakeholders. In the very well-established perfume and cosmetic industry of Region Centre-Val de Loire, the COSMETOSCIENCES programme aims at giving a significant impetus to research projects with a strong character of innovation to unlock industrial development blockages by opening the door to new concepts and enable new startups. It fosters French leadership in the sector and the leadership of the region Centre-Val de Loire, particularly with regard to sustainable cosmetics. The COSMETOSCIENCES programme is targeting researchers who embody, in their profile, the three key words that drive the research values of LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies: Curiosity, Imagination and Intuition.
The successful candidate will benefit from the outward looking and stimulating pluri-disciplinary scientific and international cultural environment offered by Region Centre-Val de Loire. The research fellow will be hosted in the EA 6295 Nanomedicines and Nanoprobes research unit located at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Tours, France (http://nmns.univ-tours.fr/).


Raman Confocal Imaging (RCI) enables label free chemical characterization of biological samples at tissue and subcellular levels. Beyond proven capabilities for discrimination of different tissue/cell types, the notion of RCI opens perspectives to monitor and elucidate molecular dynamics induced following exposure to an exogenous agent. Applied to the skin industry, Raman spectroscopy is a most suited analytical tool for the detection and tracking of Active Cosmetic Ingredients (ACI) delivering information about their penetration trough the Stratum corneum but also their diffusion rate in the underlying layers of the skin. In that context, the EA6295 NMNS (Faculty of Pharmacy, Tours, France) has established a dynamic project involving industrial partners to promote and support RCI for in vitro and ex vivo biological evaluation of new cosmetic formulations. Notably, the host laboratory is specialized in the development of nano-carriers aiming to increase the availability of ACI at skin surface hence to potentially enhance their penetration. Such delivery systems remains particularly used in the research environment however optimization of RCI will also be beneficial to screen and identify the most efficient nano-encapsulating strategies in order to support potential future commercialization.
In that framework, the COSMETOSCIENCES Programme is looking for a senior research scientist to support these explorations and bring expert’s insights.


The research scientist is expected to support two PhD students connected to the project in tasks such as the experimental set-ups, data collection and data analysis. The objective is to create a synergy between the different participants of the project to increase the number of scientific communications (poster, talks and papers). Both PhDs are exploring the analysis of thin skin tissue sections with a strong emphasis on the development of data mining protocols for hyper-spectral images.

A junior post-doctorate will be recruited on the same time frame as the LE STUDIUM scientist providing further assistance for hand-on experimentations. The LE STUDIUM senior scientist is expected to collaborate with the junior post-doctorate to identify similar targets to reach in order to increase the impact of the scientific activities conducted.

The EA6295 NMNS is acquiring a high-performance Raman imaging spectrometer (brand to be defined) dedicated to the skin analysis. The senior research scientist will evaluate the capabilities of the new system and explore new applications to further strengthen the scientific activities of the host laboratory. As example, the PIs are interested in a) developing methods for Z profiling of tissue biopsies rather than from tissue sections and 2) investigating the possibilities to monitor internalization of ACI at subcellular level.

For any further information on the mission, applicants can liaise with Franck Bonnier at franck.bonnier@univ-tours.fr.


Senior researcher profile with:

  • Significant track records in the field of Raman spectroscopy applied to biological systems:
    - previous experience in skin analysis (human and/or reconstructed models);
    - or demonstrated expertise for applications of Raman spectroscopy to tissue and/or subcellular imaging;
  • Advanced skills for data mining including competences in data-preprocessing and multivariate analysis.
  • Experience and motivation for team work and ability to establish fruitful scientific exchanges with researchers, students and actors of different technical and scientific cultures;
  • Research experience in the field of study, able to innovate and interact with diverse stakeholders including industry;
  • Proven ability to participate to the whole research chain from the definition of the experimental set-up, preparation of samples, data collection, data analysis and communication of results to both academic and non-academic audiences;
  • Strong organisational and time management skills with ability to prioritize work, manage time effectively and deliver results on time;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including abilities to make clear and concise presentations but also to participate to fast publication of latest results (support to PhD students);
  • Ability to initiate new projects/concepts in the field of Raman Confocal Imaging for preparation of grant proposals.


The fellowship is intended to attract an experienced international researcher in possession of a doctoral degree and a minimum of five years of full-time research experience, preferably ten.

  • Applicant researchers must be national or long-term resident of a country other than France, ie. having spent a period of full-time research activity of at least 5 consecutive (without breaks in research) years in a country other than France.
  • Applicant researchers must also comply with the following mobility rule: not having resided or carried out their main activity (work, etc.) in France for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the deadline of application. Compulsory national service and/or short stays such as holidays are not taken into account.


The position is based in Tours, France and offers a one-year contract.
The successful candidate will be welcomed into the COSMETOSCIENCES network and LE STUDIUM faculty of international research fellows working in the region Centre-Val de Loire. The research scientist will be provided with the necessary means of work (laboratory facilities, office, telephone, internet, access to databases, computer tools, etc ...) inside the EA 6295 Nanomedicines and Nanoprobes research unit based in Tours.
The scientific working languages are French and English.

Entitlements detailed in the French contract of employment issued by LE STUDIUM include:

  • A personal salary.
  • Rental costs of a fully furnished apartment for the applicant and her/his family. Utilities (water, heating, electricity, tax) have to be paid by the fellow.
  • Affiliation to the French social security protection scheme and a contribution to a private medical protection scheme for all health costs complementing the French basic social security protection.
  • Working hours, vacation and travelling expenses are bound by the same regulation as those effective for the personnel of the hosting laboratory.
  • Logistics and administrative assistance by a member of LE STUDIUM operational team.


Online application via LE STUDIUM platform: Apply section.
The deadline for application is 15th February, 2018. Applications will be reviewed as they come in.
The position is expected to be filled in the second quarter of 2018.

The application will consist of three elements:

  • A completed online LE STUDIUM application form with personal information and details of track records;
  • A curriculum vitae of maximum two pages including information not in the online application;
  • A motivation letter.

Upload these two documents as pdf files.