June 15, 2018

Ethics and research integrity

Ethics in the field of the research activities is an open problem. The difficulty to satisfy ethics in the field of research became evident after the Nazi human experimentation during the Second World War.  These crimes led to the development of the Nuremberg code and medical ethics. More widely, bad science has been considered since a long time ago.  The inherent problem is to define what can be considered as a research activity, a bad ethics or a poor science. Thus, there is a distinction between bad ethics and research integrity.  Medical sciences consider that ethics is of prime importance. In this field, dedicated processes of decision have been proposed in order to choose the most ethical approach. The research activity should also follow some ethical processes of research. The first part of the workshop will address those different points. It will give major results concerning the ethics of research. It will define some directions dealing with the processes of ethical decisions. During a second part of the workshop, the participants will study practical cases of ethics and research integrity. For this purpose, they will use different methods of ethical reasoning. 


  • Pr Christian Toinard,
    Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale d'Orléans (LIFO), Université d'Orléans / INSA Centre-Val de Loire - FR

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