July 15, 2019 - July 19, 2019

CosmeNovIC: Plant Natural Products production by novel in vitro culture approaches for improved cosmeceuticals efficiency and security

1st meeting



Plants are an unrivalled source of natural compounds capable of presenting an interest as innovative bioactive compounds for cosmetics applications and/or replace synthetic compounds. Indeed, most of anti-oxidatives, preservatives or UV filters already present in cosmetic products are still mainly synthetic products, however there is still a guarded opinion on their innocuousness. As such, it is important, be it in public health, environmental protection or in public relations for the cosmetic industries to quickly find and propose an alternative solution to this synthetic products. In the wild, and in particular in the vegetal world, a lot of compounds can show properties enabling them to replace the synthetic compounds. However, this large potential of active ingredients of plant origins lays still unexplored and as such, underexploited. Recent progress in functional genomics, processes of extractions and in metabolic profiling now offers unmatched possibilities to use biochemical capacities of plants to produce and design compounds of high added value.

This project aims to put in place integrated metabolic engineering strategies for the industrial size production of metabolites of interest. The implementation of holistic systemic biological data (an approach aiming at understanding the dynamic functioning of a cell or an organism at the global scale) obtained by integrative approaches should allow the optimization of the secondary metabolites production in plants, and the conception of de novo metabolite modules with increased synthesis capacity using in vitro systems.


Monday July 15th 2019

  • 09:00    Presentation of the call, the draft and brainstorming meeting
    • Presentation of the H2020 call, definition and approval of project objectives.
    • Brainstorming.
    • Agreement of the Positioning of the different partners in the different work packages proposed in the draft. New ideas. Complementarity of the different partner from the consortium. Identification and looking to fill the possible gap(s).
  • 12:00   Lunch (Meal Tray) - Marceul Reception
  • 13:30   Final structure of the project in term of WPs and one page proposal writing
    • Review of the "morning brainstorming meeting".
    • Writing of the final One Page Proposal with the definitive WPs structuration.
    • Skype meeting with Agnieszka Szopa.
  • 19:30    Dinner at La Deuvalière

Tuesday July 16th 2019

  • 09:00    Tasks leaders and tasks repartition
    • Tasks and Tasks leaders’ repartitions.
    • Put/write the main ideas on the different WPs.
  • 12:15    Lunch at Les Sirènes
  • 13:30    Continuation of the morning work on Tasks and WPs
  • 14:30    Guided visit of the city centre of Tours
  • 19:30    Dinner at Le Marché Gourmand

Wdnesday July 17th 2019

  • 09:30    Possible industrial partners integration, administrative information and writing program
    • Discussion on the possible integration of non-academic partners (from different partner countries).
    • Information of administrative data for each partner needed for the project.
    • Writing repartition. Creating a Drive/Hub for the writing.
    • Finding the date of the next meeting
  • 12:30    Lunch (Meal Tray) - Marceul Reception
  • 19:30    Dinner at La Table du Grand Marché

Partners of the event