April 7, 2016 : 16H00

Cancer therapeutics:

Journey from conventional chemotherapy to targeted medicine and therapeutic vaccination


Dr Sohail Akhter


FROM : U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Maryland, USA

IN RESIDENCE AT: Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire (CBM) -CNRS, UPR4301,Orléans, FR


As of 21st century, cancer is arguably the most complex and challenging disease known to mankind and an inevitable public health concern of this millennium. Chemotherapy is an essential component of cancer therapy. Yet, the present status of chemotherapy is far from being satisfactory. Its efficacy is limited and patients are suffering from serious side effects, some of which are life threatening. Over the last two decade, significant advancements have been made in new and novel concept of cancer medicines, which not only supplement conventional chemotherapy but also aim to prevent damage to the normal tissues, overcome drug resistance and to make the therapy curative and long lasting. I will present the progress made in cancer medicines from conventional to targeted therapy that are safer medicines and can be personalized to improve cancer diagnosis and therapy. The talk will also cover the present state-of-the-art cancer nanomedicines and upcoming therapeutic cancer vaccination.  

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