In an international environment characterized by changing regulatory regimes and increasing harsh competition, research and innovation are key factors to ensure smart specialisation and sustainable economic development of territories and stakeholders. In the very well established perfume and cosmetic industry of Region Centre-Val de Loire, the COSMETOSCIENCES programme aims at giving a significant impetus to research projects with a strong character of innovation to unlock industrial development blockages by opening the door to new concepts and enable new startups. It fosters French leadership in the sector and the leadership of the region Centre-Val de Loire, particularly with regard to sustainable cosmetics.

Anchored in the region Centre-Val de Loire, this project articulates around the structuring of research at the national level on this cosmetic theme, including through the research group (GDR) Cosmactifs, created by CNRS in January 2015. It brings together 48 laboratories and is driven by ICOA, University of Orleans. Focused on economic development, this project shares in the international influence of the French cosmetics industry across the region Centre-Val de Loire.

Together with the Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster and in conjunction with the cosmetic industry the programme will create the Centre of Expertise for the Cosmetics Industry. Located at the very heart of the territory covered by Cosmetic Valley, the centre's mission will be to support business growth in the perfume and cosmetics sector with research, training and development activities and services specifically targeting very small and medium sized enterprises (VSEs and SMEs). The centre will focus on three complementary developmental axes based in Orleans, region Centre-Val de Loire, France: 1) Cosmétopée and Sustainable Cosmetics, 2) Glycochemistry and Glycobiology and 3) Innovation in Formulation, Cellular Tools and Technologies.

The project is led by the University of Orléans and run in partnership with CNRS, the University François-Rabelais of Tours, LE STUDIUM Institute for Advanced Studies and Cosmetic Valley. It is funded by the Region Centre-Val de Loire, for the 1st phase of the project (2015/2016) funding amounts to €3 330 878.

Research institutions

  • University of Orléans
  • University François-Rabelais de Tours
  • CNRS Centre Limousin Poitou-Charentes


  • Cosmetic Valley
  • LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies


  • Contribute to the visibility of research in the field of cosmetics
  • Increase the creation of new jobs of researchers
  • Deliver specific training activities in the field of cosmetics
  • Promote increasing professional integration of young graduates in the chain
  • Step up development of start-ups, TPE/PME
  • Facilitate the attraction of international high level researchers in cosmetic research


Research focuses on the following topics:

  • Cosmétopée and Sustainable Cosmetics,
  • Glycochemistry and Glycobiology
  • Innovation in Formulation, Cellular Tools and Technologies


  • Attraction and selection of international researchers
    Selection, according to European standards, of International experienced researchers, for long term residence and working for laboratories involved in the COSMETOSCIENCES Programme
  • Welcome International researchers
    Welcome International researchers and their families with the best possible support to ensure their integration into the region and within the COSMETOSCIENCES programme research teams.
  • Coordinate scientific animation
    Organisation of various international events in collaboration with the host laboratories and enterprises engaged in the COSMETOSCIENCES programme, together with the technical and administrative support of LE STUDIUM. These events are intended to increase the international impact of the COSMETOSCIENCES programme to enrich it by additional external intellectual inputs, to foster the consolidation of sustainable international networks as well as transverse exchanges between different local and international research teams.