PIVOTS Programme

What is PIVOTS?

The PIVOTS Environmental Technology Innovation, Development and Optimisation Platforms project is a coordinated set of experimental and analytical platforms focused on environmental quality monitoring and sustainable management of natural resources (soil, subsurface, surface water, groundwater, sediment and air) within a context of global change.

Innovation in the area of the environment, ecotechnology, and ecoservices is a major challenge for sustainable development in today’s societies. This innovation must be founded on an integrated approach based research by academic and industrial experts together at all stages of the value chain, from fundamental research to validation of products and services. The goal of the PIVOTS project is to accomplish this integration and to promote the emergence of an economic stream in the area of environmental metrology, remediation processes and associated services.

Through these new platforms the region Centre-Val de Loire will offer a comprehensive set of experimental, observational, measurement, analytical, and testing equipment in the sectors of environmental metrology, environmental management and remediation and development of related ecotechnologies. These innovative projects will promote competitiveness among companies, particularly small and medium-sized companies, and scientific excellence in the research teams involved, while also aiming to create employment and promote the attractiveness of region Centre-Val de Loire nationally and internationally in the eyes of top-quality students and researchers.

The ambition of the PIVOTS project is to develop in region Centre-Val de Loire the interface between a knowledgeable society where problems of energy, ecology and economic performance all play an ever-increasing role, and a dynamic environment subject to global change. New environmental information will become available through the development of low-cost sensors that are increasingly robust and autonomous, diversified and adapted to the various media. As for protecting and/or restoring the environment, that will depend on the development and validation of innovative remediation processes. The PIVOTS project will promote the region Centre-Val de Loire as a top-ranked hub in this innovative sector nationally and throughout Europe to create the jobs of the future.

Research Institutions and Partners

  • BRGM (Programme leader)
  • University of Orléans
  • CNRS Centre Limousin Poitou-Charentes
  • Centre Inra Val de Loire
  • LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies
  • DREAM Competitiveness Cluster
  • Antea Group