Nicolas Ollinger

Pr Nicolas Ollinger

Nicolas  Ollinger  is  a  theoretical  computer scientist who joined  LIFO  in  the  University of Orléans in September 2011. His field of research includes theoretical computer science to discrete mathematics, covering topics like combinatorics on  words,  models of computation and complexity and decision problems for cellular automata and tiling. He connects to the complex systems community through his research both on classification of cellular automata according to their dynamics (bulking) and on decision problems on abstract formal discrete dynamical models, providing formal proofs of unpredictability. He was a PhD student in Lyon in research team MC2 when the IXXI Institute emerged, then a founding member of the team Escape (équipe systèmes complexes, automates cellulaires et pavages) in Marseille where he participated to the national ANR projects Sycamore and EMC devoted to the relation in between computational models and discrete complex systems.  Since 2008, he is the scientific secretary of International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) working group on Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems.

Scientific Field: 
Computer science, Mathematics and Mathematical physics