LAVOISIER stands for LAboratory with a VOcation for Innovation of the Safety and Industrialization of Renewable Energy.

The central subject of the LAVOISIER Programme revolves around promoting a process of design, research, development and industrialisation of materials and systems oriented towards new energies, including all considerations of reliability and safety of use for the devices studied during all stages of their deployment.

This programme supports the development of the AlHyance platform.

The AlHyance platform is dedicated to joint research efforts (CEA, Universities, CNRS, industrials) in the domain of materials and low carbon energies.

Thematics of research are the following :

  • Design and materials expertise
  • Safety and effectiveness of the systems
  • Synthesis and characterisation
  • Methods and implementations

This programme covers activities through research to transfer of technologies and is supported by the Centre-Val de Loire Region with EUR 10.2 million over 3 years.

Research institutions

  • CEA Le Ripault
  • University François-Rabelais de Tours
  • CNRS Centre Limousin Poitou-Charentes
  • University of Orleans



Objectives of the programme

  • Gather the conditions to support the energies of tomorrow and develop promising innovations of growth by strengthening academic and industrial collaborations.
  • Accelerate the industrialisation and the dissemination of innovative new products for low-carbon energy, focusing on the storage of electrical energy and hydrogen.
  • Stimulate research on storage of clean and renewable energies (hydrogen, wind and photovoltaic), in order to facilitate their delivery from the place of production to the place of consumption.
  • Promote the transfer of technologies/competences to existing businesses at the regional level and beyond


Research focuses on the following topics:

  • Storage of hydrogen
  • Storage of electrical energy
  • Energy conversion, fuel cells
  • Production of hydrogen
  • Development of a new emerging topic on materials related to solar thermodynamic systems, and the mechanical storage of energy

In addition to these research topics, the programme develops a new approach for the design and development of low carbon materials, supported by the analysis of the environmental safety and impact of systems throughout their development stages and life cycles.

This is a transverse topic where engineering and R & D are intertwined in:

  • The effectiveness of the choice of design guidelines
  • Reducing the development time by optimising the qualification of materials
  • The quantification of safety margins against dreaded phenomena.

This approach gives the project a unique specificity in France in the field of research on new technologies for energy.

The role of LE STUDIUM in the research programme

  • Selection of foreign researchers

Selection, according to European standards, of experienced researchers, for long term residences and working for laboratories involved in the LAVOISIER Programme

  • Welcoming foreign researchers

Welcoming foreign researchers and their families with the best possible support and conditions to ensure their integration into the region and within the LAVOISIER programme research teams.

  • Scientific animation

Organisation of various international events in collaboration with the host laboratories of the LAVOISIER programme and with the technical and administrative support of LE STUDIUM®. These events are intended to increase the international impact of the LAVOISIER programme to enrich it by additional external intellectual inputs, to foster the consolidation of sustainable international networks as well as transverse exchanges between different research teams.